Monday, August 24, 2009

Why [Prototype]?

Roaming in a city which full of people, including military forces, infected zombies and even gigantic monster. You are Alex Mercer, you lost your memories, you know nothing about your past, you are alone, no friends but a lot of enemies. But still you gonna find it, find back your memories, but how? What if let you have super powers like running ability which you can really run faster than a racing car, super jumping ability that one jump can make you at the top of a tall building, incredible strength that you can hold a 100kg car without feeling tired, unstoppable consuming abitlity, what you can do with those powers? Yes, in [prototype], you are all of them...

Playing this game never let me felt bored before, I want to say " This game is awsome!" More than any action game, this game is action beyond action, you are just like an unstoppable maniac roaming in a city of crowded people, doing whatever you want! Killing, Destroying, HiJacking and even SKYJACKING! Other than that, you can have weapons, you can turn your own bare hands into sharp blade, get some machine guns from soldier or make people into your projectiles by grabbing them. Nothing is impossible, in [prototype]. Play it, have fun!

This is the reason why must you play [prototype], please watch these videos:

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